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The need for the provision of locally-based community transport was originally identified through a coming together of community transport operators in Glasgow in 2003 that formed the Glasgow Community Transport Operators Group (GCTOG).

Representatives from the existing minibus operators in Greater Pollok became members of the Group.

In 2004, GCTOG were successful in securing funding from the Scottish Executive's Urban Community Transport Initiative Funding to develop community transport throughout Glasgow and to run a number of pilots; including a Hospital Visiting Service in four areas of Glasgow and develop transport provision for Young People.

In September 2004, funding was provided by GCTOG and the Key Fund to develop a Hospital Visiting Service in Greater Pollok and explore the potential for minibus brokerage within Greater Pollok and the co-ordination and feasibility of expanding voluntary transport services across the area.

The Project began in November 2004 and the service provided allowed residents to visit relatives and friends in hospitals that were difficult to access by public transport. The services were provided via the brokerage of existing local vehicle resources, made up of 6 local minibuses and 1 people carrier from 7 different community groups.

In 2006 the project developed its initial three year business plan and in 2007 it secured two year funding from the Key Fund and the Fair Share Fund that allowed it to recruit a full-time Transport Co-ordinator, part-time administrator and a part-time driver/trainer.

The project was managed by ASCEND (formally The Greater Pollok Community Forum) through their transport steering group until in 2009 South West Community Transport was created as an organisation in its own right as company limited by guarantee with charitable status.

Since 2009, the organisation has grown and developed, with a fleet of accessible vehicles and employing 6 members of staff.